About Bailey and Madison

We’re sisters, and we also have three others!

Growing up in a family of all girls means we love all things dainty, whimsical, and all-around girly. But not toooo girly—you could often find us bottlefeeding calves and riding horses on our parents’ hobby farm.

We both live with our husbands in the beautiful (and rainy) Pacific Northwest. Although people sometimes think we’re twins, we are definitely different people. Madison recently learned how to drive her high-speed zero-turn mower (the husband is a bit worried!). She likes kickboxing and interval training because hey, the more you work out, the more you can eat, right? Bailey loves all things summer: waterskiing, picking blueberries, and working in her backyard vegetable garden. She had a little girl of her own just a few months ago, and is loving being a mom. Quincy never leaves the house without her blankie, her binky, and her BOW.

We think that every baby girl needs adorable bows, and we want to make it easier to keep them looking cute and charming all year long. We created Purple Rose Bows so your little rosebud is perfectly styled for every occasion!